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The Witch's Knight 

THE WITCH'S KNIGHT is all action drama in a land of superstition and violence. 

Set in the medieval era, a family suffers the consequences of darkness and sin, but through an unexpected vessel the power of forgiveness, the light of love and true faith even unto death shine brightly to lead the way to redemption. Will father and son find true faith and salvation for themselves and their land, or will darkness rule?

POST PRODUCTION: The scene has been filmed and it is in post production. Scene is completed and not publicly released. 

Filming scene May 2023

SCENE: Protecting his wife and two young daughters with his life. The preacher unshakeably believes his future is with Christ. 

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David James Austin

Character: Philip  


Taylor Dunn 

Character: Younger Esmarina


Andrew Conder ACS SOC

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 Linda Marie Curry 

Charlie Mews as Gabriela
Aubree Mews as Ravenna


Shaun Barry 

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